jeremy harrison photography








As a student of Architecture, I became fascinated by the relationship between mankind and the environment.

Since that time, living and working in England, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Norway and Japan has exposed me to a wide range of cultural and societal influences...and environments.

This is reflected in my approach to photography which explores the influences between society and the environment, how we seek to control the environment, and how nature dominates our lives, our structures and our monuments, deliberate or otherwise.

Recently this has focused on the legacy of our industrial past. My most recent project, being presented at the Tbilisi Photo Festival, Northernmost Piano is one of a series exploring the legacy of the former Soviet empire. 

These projects explore subjects in an impressionistic manner, reflected in a stylistic approach which incorporates movement as an implicit feature of the impermanence of humankind, inspired by the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi, impermanence and imperfection.

Although I spent many years working with analogue cameras, I have found the transition to digital photography to be a liberating and transformative experience.  The medium is infinitely easier to experiment with, providing instant control and of course the ability to test, fail and learn much more rapidly.  It is this characteristic which has allowed me to develop my understanding of the many different aspects of expressing motion.